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Custom Vinyl Fabrication

As West Michigan’s largest vinyl fabricator, Lakeshore Vinyl Products can create a custom design for your needs, as long as it's within the profile limitations. We're detail oriented and take pride in providing customers like you with a product that will last for a lifetime.


Custom fabrication allows us to give you quick turnaround times on most styles. You won't have to wait for your product to be shipped from a manufacturer. Our professionals will handle any problems or obstacles that arise during the installation process.

Worry-free ownership

Our vinyl products come with a lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy our products without any worry for many years to come. Request a copy of our limited lifetime warranties now!


In addition, our vinyl products are made with 100% vinyl, which is created through an advanced scientifically extruded process.

The benefits of vinyl products

Vinyl is a revolutionary material that provides you with a number of unique benefits. Vinyl can be used for ornamental purposes which, in turn, increase your property's value. It's also an incredibly durable material, as it's highly impact resistant and contains ultraviolet inhibitors.


Finally, vinyl is a low-maintenance product that never requires painting and isn't affected by insects such as termites. Vinyl is also known for resisting weathering and corrosion. So, take advantage of our lifetime warranty today to give yourself peace of mind.