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Vinyl Fencing


Providing Carefree Living for Generations


Businesses and home owners appreciate the beautiful, carefree and durable aspect of Majestic Fence. The maintenance savings and increasing property value means Majestic Fence by Lakeshore Vinyl fencing quickly returns your initial investment. Majestic Fence products cut like wood but lasts years longer without splitting, rotting or needing to be painted.


Our expertise makes Majestic Fence the best solution for your backyard maintenance problems.


Personal Choice


Each of Lakeshore Vinyl Products colors has been selected to complement the exterior palette of your home or business. Simply choose the coordinating color that highlights your trim, windows or decorative theme.


Several Majestic Fence styles have picket cap options so you can create your own personal look.


Gates – Majestic Fence residential gates are beautiful and durable. A variety of hardware options are available to meet your fencing needs.


Stylish Touch – Decorative post caps that accent your home’s architectural style add the perfect stylish touch to your Majestic Fence.


Newest Technology


When engineering our fence product line, we took into account the various demands you would put it through. Our goal was a product that solved your problems without introducing new ones. Our expertise makes Majestic Fence the best solution for your backyard maintenance problems.


The Ultimate Vinyl Fencing


Invest in carefree outdoor living. For years, wood was about the only choice homeowners had for residential fence. Today, technology has made possible the ideal alternative to wood: fencing products created from durable vinyl. Lakeshore Vinyl Products vinyl looks great and lasts years longer.


Aluminum Fencing


Our Aluminum Fence* is available in Residential, Commercial and industrial grade systems. The addition of AAMA 2604 verified powder coatings, lifetime limited warranty, and virtually maintenance-free makes our Aluminum Fence a great way to define your space. 100% USA Made.


Why is aluminum fence a better fence solution than wrought iron fence?


Aluminum Fence offer the ornamental look of wrought iron fences without the hassle and maintenance. Soil, water, and lawn chemicals can be harsh on wrought iron fencing. Due to its chemical composition to resist corrosion, aluminum stands up to these tough elements. All our aluminum products offer a lifetime limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials and that, in the course of normal and proper use, our aluminum products will not crack, peel, blister, flake, rust, nor be subject to abnormal weathering per AAMA 2604 Specifications.


How do aluminum products compare to steel products?


Aluminum will not lose strength over time where steel rusts over time and loses strength.


Can gates be custom designed?


Yes. You provide the concept, Lakeshore Vinyl Products provides the expertise to build your custom designed gates. With choices of decorative scrolls and engravings, ornate finials, and contoured rails to heavy-duty gate hardware and structural posts, we can turn your dream into a reality. We accomplish this through our automated approval process making a more accurate and timely delivery.


Are gates welded?


Yes. All aluminum Fence gates are welded at all connections for strength and durability.


Can aluminum fences and railings be installed in a round or curved configuration?


Yes. Fence sections can be angled slightly to adjust at each post to create a rounded effect. For tighter curves, using narrower sections or standard sections cut down, add another post between these narrower sections. For a custom look, optional radius sections can be created to contour to a specific curve or configuration.


Other Fencing Options


Lakeshore Vinyl Products can also supply you with chain link fencing and wood fencing.

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