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Lakeshore Vinyl Products carries the high-quality Majestic Rails brand so that we can deliver low-maintenance railing solutions for your new construction and retro-fit applications. Safety is always built into every type of railing manufactured, and railings are IRC and IBC code approved.


In addition, numerous post caps and spindles are available for you to coordinate your new railing with your home's unique style. Choose from our "Dunes," "Lighthouse," Petoskey, Marquette. Together, we can find the perfect railing to define your outdoor living space.

Extraordinary vinyl railing features

  • Available heights in 36” and 42”

  • Available in 4’, 6’, 8’ and 10’ lengths

  • Custom heights available

  • IRC and IBC code compliant

  • Available in white, tan, and khaki colors

  • Non-toxic vinyl material which eliminates chemical treatments, lead-based paint, and preservatives

  • Optional heavy-duty mounting hardware that anchors your posts

  • Reinforcements to further strengthen every durable vinyl components

Lifetime warranties are available. Call:


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Vinyl Rail with Colonial Spindles

Vinyl Rail with Aluminum Spindles

Vinyl Rail with Glass Panel

Vinyl Rail with Glass Spindles